Cable stripper

The 1903 cable stripper features triple action stripping — rotary, longitudinal, and spiral cutting. In addition, the stripper is designed with a hook on the end of the cable guide to grab the jacket and start pulling it from the wire. Interchangeable small and large cable guides allow the tool to strip cable over the full range from 0.18 in. to 1.57 in. diameter (8 AWG to 1250kcmil).
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 250

Solar panels

Solar-in-a-Box solar panels come pre-engineered and pre-assembled. According to the company, the panels take less than half the time to install compared to traditional solar panels. In addition, the company says the product eliminates the need for: equipment selection and engineering, string sizing, measuring and cutting of aluminum rails, grounding of modules and rails, and installation of inverters and DC disconnect.
Ready Solar
Circle 251

Voltage monitor

The Model 16-1 voltage monitor protects equipment from overvoltage, undervoltage, and over/undervoltage or rapid cycling conditions. Featuring a microcontroller-based design, the monitor's trip and restart delays are adjustable and can be disabled. The product also can be surface-mounted or is available in an 8-pin socket version.
Time Mark
Circle 252

Power supply

The FireForce8 (FF8) power supply eliminates the need to locate a fire system's end-of-line (EOL) resistor during retrofit installations. According to the company, the variable EOL feature allows a resistor to be installed on the power supply, acting as a reference for all outputs. The product connects to most brands of fire alarm control panels to extend the power capabilities of up to four notification appliance circuits. In addition, ancillary fire devices can be powered by the unit. Featuring a total output capacity of 8A, the product also includes built-in circulation protocols for almost every major brand of strobe as well as a pass-through feature that allows pre-generated protocols from other synchronization sources to be used to build large synchronized systems.
Circle 253

LED luminaire

This PAR16-style LED is designed to function as a direct drop-in replacement for standard E26 Edison-based PAR16 fixtures. Available in a 20° light-emitting viewing angle, the luminaire runs on 80VAC to 260VAC current. Shock- and vibration-resistant, the product is available in a 3,000°K warm white color and features a power draw of 3.3W (max).
Circle 254

Boom lift

The 450AJi is an electrically insulated boom lift that can be driven when the bucket is elevated. Product features include a 45-foot platform, 24½-ft reach, 24-in. × 48-in fiberglass bucket, 500-lb capacity, and ANSI Category C 46kV insulated package. Available options include a bucket liner, bucket cover, and ANSI Category B 69kV insulated package.
Man & Material Lift Engineering
Circle 255

Construction software

Sage Timberline Office Version 9.5 features enhanced security and Microsoft Vista compatibility. According to the company, the software assists users in complying with government standards, such as those mandated by the Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Act. In addition, the product includes customer-driven enhancements and new reporting features.
Sage Software
Circle 256

Portable cranes

These DC electric portable cranes are offered in two models. The 3-ft model weighs 33 lb and can lift up to 900 lb, according to the company. The boom length is 3 ft, and its height reach adjusts from 2 ft, 8 in. to 5 ft, 3 in. above the base. The 4-ft model weighs approximately 38 lb and can lift up to 900 lb. The boom length is 4 ft, and its reach height adjusts from 3 ft, 5½ in. to 5 ft, 7 in. above the base. Constructed of lightweight structural aluminum, both models come preassembled and feature a hoist with a load control disc brake as well as a 15-ft heavy-duty strap.
Circle 257