Single-phase UPS

The Unistar P Series single-phase double-conversion online UPS is now available in rack-mounted designs. The UPS is available in 6kVA models from 160VA to 280VA at 45Hz to 65Hz. According to the company, the product offers near unity input power factor and AC-AC efficiency greater than 90%.
Staco Energy Products
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Modular UPS

The SmartPro UPS product line now includes a 3,000VA/2,880W hot-swappable modular system. The hot-swappable internal power and battery modules enable UPS maintenance and battery replacement to be performed without interrupting power to connected equipment. In addition, the outlets are arranged in two separately breakered, individually controllable load banks to support remote reboot or automated load shedding. Other features include advanced line-interactive automatic voltage regulation (AVR), USB and DB9 communication ports, and optional external battery packs.
Tripp Lite
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UPS monitoring system

The SAGE UPS monitoring system connects to the company's UPS line of Ferro and PWM products. The device allows alarms and notifications from a UPS to be accessed remotely and works in combination with the company's CellRx battery monitoring system, allowing all power systems to be monitored remotely from a single screen. In addition, the product can connect through TCP/IP as well as Modbus, enabling UPS data to be fed into custom systems.
Ametek Solidstate Controls
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Power conditioner

The ONEAC brand of PCm medical-grade power conditioners is available in models ranging from 120VA to 3,000VA. The device eliminates power contaminants by employing a full-time, online isolating transformer while conforming to various electrical safety standards for medical equipment, including IEC60601-1, EN60601, UL60601-1, UL2601, and CSA C22.2 No. 601.1.
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