Cable tie cutter

The Model 2275 Quick-Cutter features the company’s Micro-Shear bypass cutting technology that square-cuts cable ties. Suitable for rapidly cutting cable ties used for bundling wires, closing tote boxes, securing signs, attaching portable chairs, or any other purpose, the cutter features soft rubber hand grips, a Light-Touch return spring, and no finger loops.
Circle 250

Occupancy sensor switch

Designed for the commercial retrofit market, the dual-voltage Maestro in-wall occupancy sensor switch requires no neutral wire for installation. Featuring the company’s XCT technology for sensing fine motions to ensure lights remain on when a room is occupied, the sensor can be programmed to work as a California Title 24-compliant vacancy (manual-on) sensor.
Circle 251

Conduit body covers

The Appleton and O-Z/Gedney brands of Form-IN-Place conduit body covers feature an integral gasket that eliminates the tasks of aligning, assembling, and installing traditional removable gaskets. Designed for use with FM7, FM8, and FM9 conduit bodies, the Appleton model is interchangeable with similar Crouse Hinds conduit bodies. The O-Z/Gedney version is designed for use with Form 7 conduit bodies. The covers fit hub sizes from ½ in. though 4 in.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 252

Aluminum alloy cable

Stabiloy FeederPlex HS XHHW-2 cable is a factory-produced, plexed assembly of Stabiloy XHHW-2 conductors that are color-coded for phase identification. The cable features a specially designed XLPE insulation that allows for fast and easy cable pulls without the use of cable pulling lubricants, according to the company.
Alcan Cable
Circle 253

LED outdoor luminaires

AccuLite outdoor luminaires now feature LEDs that provide 50,000 hr of light at 40°C, according to the company. Available products include Polaris LED wall-mounted fixtures, Stonewall vandal-resistant LED wall sconces, cylindrical-shaped Parklume PL7 LED pathway fixtures, and AccuPak WP LED security luminaires, which the company says deliver 55% energy savings compared to similar high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 254

Fuse and holder

The SPFR Series 1,000VDC fuse and the SPFRHD Series 1,000VDC fuse holder are designed for solar applications. The RoHS-compliant fuse is offered in 250A, 300A, 350A, and 400A ratings and features a standard case size that meets UL Class H dimensions. The fuse holder accepts the SPFR Series fuse and is recognized to 1,000V.
Circle 255

Portable labelers

Manufactured by Dymo, these portable labelers can be used to label wires, cables, modules, panels, and blocks in addition to creating custom flags or vertical labels. Featuring one-touch hot keys with shortcuts for the most common formatting requirements, the labelers also print on a range of label materials, including heat-shrink. Available in three models (PL100, PL200, and PL300), the product uses the company’s interchangeable portable labeler refill cartridges that are available in numerous materials suitable for a variety of surfaces and environments.
Circle 256


Jacketed armor cable is available in a variety of sizes and is stocked in 14kcmil to 500kcmil. Featuring aluminum or galvanized armor, bulk reels (available cut to length), and EnviroPlus LSZH and PVC jackets, the cable is available with standard or 50% grounds.
Service Wire
Circle 257

LED bulb

This 9W LED features a unique fin-like design that the company says allows it to distribute light like a traditional 40W incandescent bulb. Offering a 25,000-hr rated life, the lamp will last 17 yr based on its rated life and 4 hr of use per day.
General Electric
Circle 258

Solar cable conveyance

Solar Snake Tray is a weatherproof, hand-bendable cable conveyance that carries DC circuitry from solar panels to their terminations. The stainless steel product incorporates a “lobster trap principle,” which allows outdoor-rated cable to be securely installed while protecting it from hurricane-force winds. Other features include built-in mounting rings every 4 in. and 8-ft sections that join together with a single stainless steel connector, requiring only a hex key to secure.
Snake Tray
Circle 259

Wire connector

Approximately 30% smaller than conventional wire connectors, Twister LT wire connectors feature a super-thin profile for improved box-fill capacity, according to the company. Suitable for new and retrofit applications, the connectors feature a swept-wing design with hexagonal head to provide users with a secure grip whether they are connecting by hand or via a nut driver. Additional features include a live-action square-wire spring and a deep, flared skirt to accommodate a wide wire range from two 22 AWG to three 12 AWG. Able to work with either solid or stranded copper wire, the product is rated to 600V maximum in building wiring and 1,000V maximum for signs or lighting fixtures.
Ideal Industries
Circle 260

PV mounting system

The Arista mounting system for solar photovoltaic (PV) commercial rooftop applications features pre-assembled fittings and clamps. Field-adjustable, the system can be used to support many solar PV panel types or sizes, and can be landscape or portrait mounted. Other features include ballasted and positively tied options and a hinged designed that allows for rooftop maintenance without disconnecting panels.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 261

Saddle box

The Weather Guard brand all-steel, low-profile saddle box fits just above a truck’s bed rail to help keep rear sightlines intact. Available in two sizes to fit full-sized and compact pickup trucks, the box features a powder-coat finish in black or white. According to the company, the product’s crimp-free/drill-free mounting brackets facilitate fast installation. Other features include the company’s Extreme Protection lock, a full weather seal, weatherproof power cord pass-through, and gas shocks that open the lid at the push of a button.
Knaack, a Div. of Emerson
Circle 262

LED luminaire

Alura LED luminaires for outdoor lighting applications feature a molded acrylic optic design. Offering Type 5 distribution and a color temperature of 6,000°K with neutral and warm color options, the luminaire’s optical compartment features an IP66 tightness level.
Schréder Lighting USA
Circle 263

CFL downlights

These low-mercury CFL downlights are designed to optimize lumen output while operating in emergency mode. The downlights include Dual-Lite’s UFO-CF Series of battery packs that incorporate AC technology to prevent reduced lumen output. Available in three models ranging from 300 lumens to 750 lumens or 700 lumens to 1,100 lumens, the CFL emergency battery packs convert one 4-pin CFL for emergency operation in a 1- or 2-lamp luminaire.
Circle 264

Solar controller

The HXS10 solar controller operates the actuation systems that move heliostats (reflectors) and photovoltaic (PV) panels. Built from environmentally resistant and durable components, the controller can withstand temperatures ranging from –20°C to +70°C. In addition, the product features a communication function that allows it to be monitored by a host system in a central control room.
Yokogawa Corp. of America
Circle 200

LED bollards

Meteor Solar LED bollards feature LiFePO4 batteries to maximize the lighting period for up to 12 hr with only
4 hr of direct sunlight charge, according to the company. Under extreme weather conditions, the bollard can operate for up to 6 hr per day without recharging. Available finishes include black, dark bronze, and aluminum silver. Featuring a minimum lifespan of
50,000 hr, LED colors include white, warm white, and blue.
Meteor Solar LED Lighting
Circle 201

Lighting design software

Version 2.1 of AGi32 lighting design software includes new and enhanced features. Offering revised and updated roadway standards, a new and more accurate CAD import/export engine, and compatibility with absolute photometric testing for SSL luminaires, the software uses Autodesk’s RealDWG technology to read and write DWG and DXF format files. In addition, the software incorporates new coplanar merging technology on the front end of the import process to simplify 3-D surface importing.
Lighting Analysts
Circle 202

Fire-rated downlight

Fahrenheit fire-rated recessed downlights feature a non-combustible and flexible matt insulation inside the housing. According to the company, the insulation is self-extinguishing and deters flame spread, fuel contribution, and smoke development in fire situations for up to 60 min. UL-listed for IC installations, the downlight is available in 3-in., 4-in., 5-in., and 6-in. sizes that accommodate a variety of trims. Lamp options include CFL, low-voltage halogen, and line voltage incandescent and
halogen GU10.
DMF Lighting
Circle 203

Plugs and connectors

The Wetguard line of plugs and connectors now includes eight new NEMA and non-NEMA configurations. Designed to perform in environments routinely exposed to wet and damp conditions, the devices meet UL Type 3, 3S, 4, 4X, 6, and 6P watertight requirements. They also are rated to IEC ingress protection standards of IP66 and IP67 when mated or used with closure caps. Featuring nylon bodies molded to elastomeric covers for maximum sealing capability, the products’ Santoprene TPV cover and sealing bushing resist water, grease, oil, solvents, and most acids and alkalis. The material also offers UV stability and resists fungal growth.
Circle 204

Metal-halide lamp

The ConstantColor CMH Ultra lamp product line has been expanded to include a 39W model. Featuring an arc tube construction that the company says eliminates color shift, the product offers high color rendering for the life of the lamp and exhibits minimal lamp-to-lamp color variation.
Circle 205

Ladder tray penetration kit

According to the company, this PW outdoor conversion kit makes exterior ladder tray wall penetrations more weather-resistant and minimizes water intrusion. Featuring a removable cover/shield that fastens to tray and wall penetration sleeves, the kit fits the company’s standard 0424 or 0440 wall penetrations and is available in hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel finishes with optional cadmium or stainless steel hardware. Other features include sized-to-fit flange-in or flange-out trays.
Circle 206

Tap box

The UL-listed Powertron 400A tap box allows a facility to be generator power-ready within minutes, according to the company. Used with a transfer switch to connect to a building’s critical electrical load, the NEMA 3R aluminum box is available in 208V, 240V, or 480V configurations (other configurations are available). Featuring a GFI outlet to power the generator’s block heater and battery charger, the product’s start-stop terminals can be used with an automatic transfer switch.
Steiner Electric
Circle 207

Power cable

SIMpullmedium-voltage power cable includes the company’s Slikqwik Infused Membrane (SIM) technology. Available in voltages from 2.4kV to 3kV, the cable maintains all electrical and physical characteristics, including cable tray listing following UL 1685 requirements and the IEEE 1202 flame rating. In addition, the cable’s jacket is sunlight-resistant and uses EFC Envirotect no-lead EPR insulation. The product is also available with factory-installed SIMpull Head pulling grips.
Circle 208

Highbay luminaire

Designed to replace 400W metal-halide (MH) fixtures, the 200W E-HID Ecobay highbay luminaire saves up to 54% (247W per year) for every 400W MH fixture replaced, according to the company. Featuring pulse-start MH technology that provides 92 CRI light output and a temperature range of -30°C to +55°C, the product delivers more than 100 lumens per watt and accommodates voltages from 200V to 300V. Lightweight, it installs in three steps at existing mounting points with a hook mount or to ¾-in. conduit.
Hubbell Industrial Lighting
Circle 209


Liebert MB busway features a modular design that enables it to add receptacles just by adding more busway. Based on the Siemens XJ-L busway, the product is suitable for data centers of any size that experience frequent configuration changes and require high power distribution and more effective use of space. According to the company, the product is easily configured to meet data center requirements and can be fastened to the top of Knurr DCM racks, suspended above any rack, or installed under raised data center floors. Available in 100A, 225A, and 400A ratings in single and dual bus configurations, it integrates into new or existing data center layouts.
Emerson Network Power
Circle 210

Bypass/isolation switches

The RTS Series of bypass/isolation switches is UL-labeled and UL-listed for 30-cycle closing and withstand ratings based on testing per UL Standard 1008. Available in continuous current ratings from 100A to 3,000A, the switches allow downstream overcurrent protective devices to clear a fault before upstream devices. Equipped with the company’s RPTCS microprocessor-based transfer control system, the products combine an automatic transfer switch with a manual bypass/isolation switch that allows the transfer switch to be isolated for inspection, maintenance, repair, or testing. In addition, the switch is designed to function as a manually operated backup transfer switch when the unit’s automatic transfer switch is disabled or de-energized.
Circle 211

PV micro-inverter

According to the company, this solar PV grid-connected micro-inverter offers a lifespan of 25 yr and comes in three models: one for 200W maximum inverter input power, one for 240W, and one for 280W. Able to operate with European (220VAC to 240VAC, 50Hz) and North American (110VAC to 120VAC, 60Hz) electricity grids, the inverter is CE-certified, and country specific requirements (including VDE V 0126-1: 2006 compliance) are achieved through the use of the company’s specific installation products. In addition, the product is specified to maintain full performance from -40°C to +85°C.
Circle 212