NextMail is a mobile dictation and documentation solution available to Nextel walkie-talkie subscribers. NextMail allows field teams, such as electricians, utility workers, and cable TV installers, to wirelessly dictate, document, and share critical information via email with a dispatcher or central office by using their voice. The mobile worker just pushes a PTT button on his mobile phone to speak a message that is recorded and delivered to the inbox of an individual (or group with up to 50 members) as an audio e-mail to the recipient's inbox. A customized subject line also can be used to communicate the topic and significance of the message. For customers who do not have Sprint Nextel walkie-talkie service, the company developed SkyMail, which works across all major U.S. cellular carriers; however, both NextMail and SkyMail operate in a similar way. SkyMail messages include a reply box that can be used to send text message responses directly back to the mobile phone, enabling a continuous stream of wireless 2-way documented communication. Both the time-stamped audio messages and the text responses are stored on the company’s Web site for record-keeping purposes.

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