Document management software

WebSearch Grid document management software enhances internal and external collaboration, business process workflow, e-mail archiving, corporate compliance, and records retention management scheduling. Designed to regulate and streamline the flow of documentation and provide secure content access from any location, anytime, the software gives users the ability to allow multiple, geographically dispersed installations of WebSearch to work in tandem as a single browser-based portal.
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Lighting control software

LightRules lighting management software features expanded control and reporting capabilities. As part of the company’s Intelligent Lighting System, which integrates LEDs, sensors and controls into a single, networked solution, the software enables users to specify precisely how each intelligent luminaire behaves — by time or day of week and fixture-by-fixture, aisle-, room-, or facility-wide. Other features include a dashboard for quick system status updates, detailed scheduling tools, the ability to configure different facility lighting profiles, and a full suite of reporting templates that can be used for internal monitoring or utility measurement and verification (M&V) purposes. In addition, it includes role-based security controls.
Digital Lumens
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Design software

Foreseer software and engineering services provide customized evaluations to deliver power and energy infrastructure integration designed to help organizations reduce energy consumption and downtime. Customizable services include 24/7 data gathering and trend analysis as well as forecasting tools. In addition, the product features a multi-vendor device-driven library of interfaces and graphic user interfaces that accurately depict individual sites. The product is accessible through a Web browser that allows users to gain a remote, customizable view of critical facilities from anywhere.
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Energy monitoring software

EnergyView Online Web-based remote energy monitoring software integrates with a building’s existing or new energy meters, linking them through an Internet gateway, to allow for 24/7 Web access to a building’s energy usage statistics. Energy data files are automatically routed to secure servers where they can be viewed through a Web browser. The software allows users to track and report on CO2 emissions and set emission targets; use “what-if” analysis to adjust or shift load, determine cost savings, and compare historical data; create schedules for sending energy usage reports and updates via e-mail; set up alarm thresholds, and receive alarms in real time via e-mail, cell, or pager; and monitor the consumption of water, gas, electricity, and steam.
Schneider Electric
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