Power relay

The DRM Series of pluggable relays is available in two and four changeover versions for AC and DC coil input voltages. The relay contacts are made from a heavy electroplated silver alloy that measures 270 microns thick and allows for a wide range of loads from a few milliamps up to 10A per contact. In addition, the devices offer full load switching capability over a wide temperature range (-40°C to +60°C) without the need for derating, according to the company. The products can also be used in temperatures up to +80°C with derated switching capabilities.
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Safety relay

The ESR5 safety relay is compatible with a range of safety devices, including emergency stops, rope pulls, and two-hand control stations. In the event of a fault or activation of the safety device, the enable paths are switched off. Available in single- and dual-channel versions, the product detects faults that occur in the control circuit, including ground fault, cross connection fault, or wire breakage.
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Industrial safety relays

The Dold family of safety relay devices is designed for industrial applications. The LG5924 Series includes single-channel E-stop relays designed to protect users and machines in applications with emergency stop buttons. Available with 24VDC, 110VAC, and 230VAC coil voltages, the Category 2-rated products are equipped with internal positive temperature coefficient resistor short circuit protection. The LG5925 Series of dual-channel E-stop/safety gate relays is designed for applications with emergency stop buttons and safety gates. Available with 24VAC/DC, 110VAC, and 23VAC coil voltages, the Category 4-rated products feature internal positive temperature coefficient resistor short circuit and voltage-dependent resistor overvoltage protection. The BH5928 Series is also designed for applications with emergency stops and safety gates. These dual-channel relays provide one or two channels that can be monitored with the time delay function. The BG5933 and BH5933 Series of relays offer protection for applications with two-hand buttons or production machinery with dangerous closing movements.
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