Rack PDU

P1000 Series rack power distribution units (PDUs) are available for both vertical and horizontal applications. The PDUs feature 18 AWG cold-rolled steel enclosures, grounding connection points, overload protection, circuit breakers, dual-pole breakers on 208V models, and UL 489-rated circuit breakers on 30A units. In addition, they include two diagnostic LEDs: One indicates that the power is on; the other verifies that the unit is plugged into a receptacle wired with the correct polarity and ground.
Circle 300

Modular bus system

The B400 Series is a modular, overhead, build-as-you-need electrical distribution system for higher load requirements for industrial and high-tech applications. The system provides 400A and 100% continuous duty power. In addition, it offers a 22,000A short-circuit rating for 600VAC and DC systems. Weighing 9.5 lb per ft, the B400 features a cross-section dimension of 5.7 in. × 5.05 in. Available in any length up to 10 ft, it includes optional isolated ground and oversized neutral.
Universal Electric Corp.
Circle 301

Enclosed disconnect switches

Enclosed Disconnect Switches are offered in both fusible and non-fusible versions. Rated up to 400A, the fusible switches disconnect both the line and load sides of the fuses using two double breaking contacts per pole. Multiple NEMA-type rated enclosures are offered. In addition, switches have SCCRs up to 200kA and use Class CC, J, or L fuses. Other features include easy screw mounting and multiple knockouts for wiring flexibility. The switch handle accepts three padlocks to comply with OSHA lockout/tagout requirements.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 302

3-phase PDU

The 19-in. rack-mount PC3365 Series power distribution unit (PDU) offers 3-phase 120/208V 30A input power via a NEMA L21-30P plug. Power output is 120V, which is distributed through 24 IEC C13 computer-style receptacles, providing 8,640VA of power. The front panel features indicator lights and circuit breakers. Power output is located on the rear through an attached 15-ft power cable, with an integrated cable restraint and management system.
Pulizzi Engineering
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