Motor control center

The Tiastar Smart motor control center (MCC) product line has been expanded to include a series of gateway solutions that transition the Profibus-DP network inside the Smart MCC to the customer-desired control network. The gateway solutions are factory installed and programmed in a 12-in. MCC bucket. Additionally, the MCC delivers detailed diagnostics and control by communicating with the started units via PLC/DCS.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 300

Motor disconnect switch

The Square D MD50 motor disconnect switch cuts power to a motor without affecting the main circuit. According to the company, IEC 60309-compliant technology makes it almost impossible to plug in a power receptacle having different voltage and ampere ratings, while a mechanical interlock forces an operator to insert a plug before power can be turned on and to turn power off before the plug can be removed. Prewired for installation, the product also features a watertight ground hub, two grounding blocks, moveable mounting feet, and internal mounting tubes.
Schneider Electric
Circle 301


The Dodge Quantis Gold combines Dodge Quantis ILH and RHB C-face gearmotors with Baldor•Reliance Super-E premium efficient motors. The Quantis ILH and RHB reducers feature a NEMA clamp-collar design, foot-mounted housing configurations, standard inch output shafts, nitrile input and output lip seals, A1 mounting, and Mobilegear 600X XP 220 oil. In addition, the RHB unit offers flange-mounted housing configurations and tapered hollow bores with twin-tapered bushings.
Baldor Electric
Circle 302

Control regimen

OptimalFlux is a control regimen for standard totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motors. According to the company, the regimen enables a standard TEFC motor to operate at a cooler temperature across its entire speed range. Available as an option with any of the company's standard CFW09 variable-frequency drives, it can also be used with the company's standard NHE or NPE motors rated from 1 hp to 300 hp.
WEG Electric Motors
Circle 303