Trip coil monitor

The self-powered SEL-2652 trip coil monitor indicates circuit breaker status with a clearly visible external LED and a contact output for alarms or SCADA. The monitor also features a panel-mounted design and the company's Connectorized terminal block. In addition, the device is compatible with all systems from 48VDC to 125VDC.
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Circle 300

Remote monitoring system

The HOBO U30 remote monitoring system is now compatible with Northwrite's Energy Expert software platform, which converts raw building energy and environmental data collected with HOBO U30 systems into graphical “smart models” that predict building energy consumption. The information, which is delivered over the Internet, provides users with easy-to-understand, real-time feedback on building energy use.
Onset Computer
Circle 301

Energy monitor

Web-Mon is an Internet-enabled energy monitor that provides energy data via any standard Internet browser. According to the company, the device requires no add-on software or programming to provide a “dashboard” display of various energy parameters of up to 24 meter inputs. Real-time meter data is displayed alongside historic reading from the previous seven, 30, and 365 days.
Circle 302

Multifunction power meter

The Shark100 power meter now offers 100BaseT Ethernet capability using Modbus TCP as its standard protocol. In addition, the meter is a highly accurate 0.2% power and energy device certified to meet IEC and ANSI class standards. Users can equip the instrument with either an RS485 or the 100BaseT Ethernet communication.
Electro Industries
Circle 303