Lighting system

The TL201LED low-power LED lighting system consumes less than 15% of the power of conventional-watt low-voltage xenon lamps and has a life of 50,000 hr, according to the company. Designed for use with the company's Trac12 miniature low-voltage trac system, the product operates using a 12V, 75W magnetic AC transformer that can power runs up to 36 ft with modules spaced 3 in. on center. The unit also features a 1-in. × 1-in. low-profile design and has a color rendering index of 80. In addition, it is available in either warm 3,000K or cooler 5,000K color temperatures and can be dimmed down to 0% with a selection of incandescent dimmers.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 300

Spotlight bulb

This Par30-style LED bulb is comprised of five 3W high-power LEDs. A direct replacement to 50W to 75W PAR30 incandescent bulbs, the product combines LED technologies, a standard 25-mm Edison screw-in base, and light-optimizing designs to produce 480 lumens to 544 lumens of light, depending on the bulb model. Available in a 40° light-emitting viewing angle, the product runs on 80VAC to 260VAC current. Additional voltages, such as 12VAC or DC, are available for qualifying customers. According to the company, the bulb has a maximum power draw of 15.8W and is available in color temperatures of 3,000K and 5,000K.
Circle 301


The EssentialWhite Series now includes two LED luminaires. The eW Downlight SM Powercore features a low-profile housing. Measuring 7½ in. × 7½ in. × 2 in., the downlight is available in color temperatures of 2,700K and 4,000K. The eW Profile Powercore is a low-profile, linear fixture. Powered by line voltage, the company says the fixture consumes 6W of energy per foot and can support a run of up to 50 ft on a single circuit. Measuring ⅞-in. thick × 1½-in. wide, it is available in 11-in., 21-in., and 41-in. lengths and in color temperatures of 2,700K and 4,000K. Both LED luminaires directly accept line voltage and are compatible with commercially available ELV-type line voltage dimmers.
Philips Solid-State Lighting Solutions
Circle 302

Single-chip SMT

The Diamond Dragon LED achieves brightness of up to 250 lumens, according to the company. Available in whites ranging from 2,700K through 6,500K as well as monochromatic colors, the device's SMT package allows heat produced in the chip to be efficiently removed for the LED package. In addition, it has a maximum junction temperature of 175°C. Typical current is 1.4A with a maximum current of 2A, and the expected lifetime is 50,000 hr.
Osram Opto Semiconductors
Circle 303