3D software

Adobe Acrobat 3D software includes all the features of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, and can be used to create proposals that include interactive walkthroughs, flyovers, and animations. The software allows the user to convert 3D designs from major CAD applications to PDF files in a single step, which allows other team members, including non-technical participants, to review and insert comments on the 3D design. The software supports PDF/E (draft), PDF/A, and PDF/X file formats, as well as Universal 3D (U3D).
Circle 301

Electrical CAD software

AutoCAD Electrical 2006 software allows automation of manual processes like cross referencing of coils and contacts, creating ladder drawings, and tracking wire numbers and component tags. The software now provides direct integration with Autodesk Vault, automatically creates PLC I/O drawings from a spreadsheet, and creates smart panel layout drawings, which are linked to the schematic.
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Code-compliant software

ProDesign electrical design software designs and analyzes electrical systems according to NEC and IEEE standards. The software features a pre-loaded database of circuit components, which can be placed in a line schematic created with the software's drawing symbols. Once a drawing is complete, the software will carry out load, fault, volt-drop, and cable sizing calculations to help the user comply with applicable codes and standards.
Amtech Power Software
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File conversion software

Aide PDF to DXF converter automatically converts PDF files to CAD DXF files. Files converted with this software program are usable CAD DXF files that may be imported into AutoCAD for editing or saved in DWG format. The software also allows the user to extract embedded raster images from PDF files, convert thousands of PDF files to DXF files in one step, and batch-convert all pages in each PDF file.
Aide CAD Systems
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Building modeling software

Bentley Building Electrical Systems software features tools for automated symbol placement, circuiting and labeling, raceway design, cable/circuit routing and management, and automated generation of riser diagrams and drawing legends for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. The MicroStation-based software provides integrated schedules and reporting, automated drawing production and coordination, design and modeling of electrical subsystems, and a choice of 2D models, 3D models, or both.
Bentley Systems
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