Prefabricated boxes

These prefabricated steel outlet boxes are available in 4s (4-in. square) and 5s (411/16-in. square) models. Constructed from galvanized steel, the boxes feature popular knockout configurations. Additional product feature include: an adjustable back support that is centered to ensure correct placement and support for studs up to 6 in. deep; an extra-long green 10-in. pigtail (12 AWG) with a 10-32 ground screw; and an optional AB bracket. The boxes also are designed to work with the company's adjustable plaster rings.
Circle 250

Copper wire

The Royal/Triangle line of bare copper wire now includes 25-lb contractor packs. Made from electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper feed stock, these solid and stranded, soft annealed bare copper conductors are available from 14 gauge to 4/0. In addition, the product is manufactured to ASTM standards B3 (soft or annealed), B8 (concentric-lay), or B787 (combination unilay).
Coleman Cable
Circle 251

LED step lights

This line of 12V and 120V LED step lights is available in horizontal, circular, and vertical configurations with a choice of louvered, hooded, and frosted glass faces. Fixture housings are constructed of galvanized aluminum with a powder-coated finish. Cover plate finishes include stainless steel, solid brass, and cast or stamped aluminum. Solid brass covers can be specified in bronze, antique brass, antique bronze, natural brass, architectural bronze, aged green, or powder-coated. Cast or stamped aluminum covers are offered with a white, black, or bronze powder-coating. Available models include the B70H-LED and B60H-LED 12V step lights with cast aluminum housings and LED 48 lamps. The B70H-LED measures 7½ in. × 3 in. and the B60H-LED measures 5 in. × 3 in.
Circle 252

Li-ion drills

The XRP line of Li-ion drills includes three 18V models (DCD950KX, DCD950VX, and DCD940KX), three 14.4V models (DCD930KX, DC930VX, and DCD920KX), and a 12V model (DCD910KX). The product line also includes the XRP Li-ion 18V hammerdrill/drill/driver (DCD970KL) with a nano-phosphate Li-ion battery that is backward compatible with more than 40 tools in the company's 18V system. In addition, each hammerdrill/drill/driver features a 3-speed transmission that matches each speed to the appropriate application, according to the company.
Circle 253

Cutting tool

The PowerBlade installs like a drill bit on almost any corded or uncorded drill with a ⅜-in. drive shaft. According to the company, the turning action of the drill provides the needed force to slice through 750 MCM hard-drawn copper cable or 1,000 MCM aluminum cable with minimal cable distortion. An adjustable torque arm holds the drill in place, while its ergonomic, textured Santoprene grip reduces vibration. The grip also features a protective shield to prevent accidental contact between the user's hand and the tool.
Ideal Industries
Circle 254

Reciprocating saw blades

According to the company, T2 Technology reciprocating saw blades deliver up to 100% longer blade life and 25% faster performance in metal cutting applications compared to the company's prior generation of blades. The blades feature optimized tooth geometry for each tooth per inch (TPI) specification. In addition, the product's design minimizes friction and heat buildup when cutting through a variety of materials, including black pipe, angle iron, threaded rod, unistrut, and electrical metallic tubing (EMT).
Circle 255

Ball bearing swivels

The line of 808 champion swivels has been redesigned to offer a higher workload rating — some as high as 30% additional capacity, according to the company. Available with either slot or hex head clevis pins, the swivels are precision machined from stainless steel. In addition, the clevis pins are heat-treated to prevent pin damage when using steel shackles. Each swivel is manufactured with three angular contact or deep groove ball bearings that the company says allow it to rotate beyond its rated workload.
Circle 256

Work boot

Guardian work boots feature CarbonMAX safety-toe technology, which the company says is as strong as steel but 50% lighter, cold and heat resistant, and nonconductive. Made from waterproof full-grain leather with a waterproof membrane lining, the boots feature 400 g of Thinsulate Ultra insulation and are available in brown and black. They are also and offered in an 8-in. boot style.
Circle 258

LED outdoor lights

These outdoor LED luminaires include flood, step, landscape, and wall/surface models. Flood models include the QL10WLED — a 120V to 277V medium flood beam with a 3,500K color temperature — and the Laramie LFS — a 6W or 12W, 120V in narrow spot, medium spot, and medium flood beam spreads with a color temperature of 5,000K. Step light models include the LMS 100-5L Devine and the LMS400-5L, which feature 5W and 120V versions. Landscape models include the 10W, 120V to 277V 309-10LEDML bullet landscape flood and the 12W, 120V CPB131-12L Devine bollard. The wall surface line is comprised of the LCC-12L Laredo 12V decorative wall pack and the BRL-01-04 Euroluxe accent luminaire in bronze or white finishes with a 5,000K color temperature.
Hubbell Outdoor Lighting/Devine Lighting
Circle 259


Screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, and electric torque screwdriver bits have been added to the company's product line. The SDI 0.4×2.0×60 slotted screwdriver features a narrower tip than previous models and is included in a new 6-piece set. Safe for working in applications up to 1,500VDC and 1,000VAC, the SDI 1.0×4.5×175 and the SDI 1.0×5.5×175 insulated screwdrivers feature a blade that is 50 mm (2 in.) longer. A 6-piece uninsulated set also is available. The eight slotted electric torque screwdriver bits are made from CVM-steel and include six slotted ¼-in. drive E 6.3 hex bits, all featuring a 40-mm to 50-mm increase in length over the current bits. Two E 6.3Z hex bits feature a notched blade design for use with the company's terminal test sockets. A ¼-in. universal quick-change bit holder features a locking and magnet function for quick bit change-outs.
Circle 260

Track adaptor

The Track Adaptor (-00FIT) is a UL-listed low-profile Lexan adaptor for 1- and 2-circuit LSI track. The adaptor features an on/off switch and mechanical safety interlock for positive non-energized making and breaking of fixture contacts with track. Available colors include black, white, silver, graphite, or custom paint. Constructed of .070 extruded aluminum, the product is available in nominal 4-ft, 8-ft, and 12-ft field cuttable lengths in clear anodized, black, white, graphite, or custom.
Lighting Services
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