I like the idea of combining surge protection and metering in a single device. That’s what makes this new line of protectors from MCG Surge Protection unique.

The 560LS Executive Series provides 560,000A of surge protection at the main service panel along with an onboard, revenue-grade power and energy meter. Each phase is guarded by 14 redundant protection paths.

This new series also allows you to mix and match various options to create your own unique device, without paying for a customized solution. I also like how the unit features field-replaceable modules. The front of the unit features an easy-to-use interface screen, status indicator, and event counter. This makes for a friendly user experience.

Additional product highlights include dual modules per phase and N-G, 40kA high headroom varistors with built-in high-speed thermal disconnect and dedicated cartridge fuse per surge path, solid copper bus bar construction, EMI/RFI noise filtering, and continuously monitored protection circuits.

MGC Surge Protection

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