The EnerSure BCPM2.0 is a new compact branch circuit monitoring unit that offers utility-grade power monitoring with 1% accuracy. It’s also capable of capturing waveforms and providing power quality metrics.

The device uses the company’s Enersure Enkapsis as the head-end unit to provide waveform capture, data logging, and full Ethernet communication. Available in 24 and 42 circuit units, the product can be integrated into any switchgear, distribution panel, or other places where there is a high density of circuits in one cabinet.

Features include the ability to capture individual current and voltage harmonics (up to the 63rd harmonic) and nine onboard data logs that can record 120 data points each in 30-sec intervals. Using a standard on-board microSD card, users can record thousands of time-stamped data points. The data logs can then be downloaded as a .CSV file or delivered using Modbus TCP or BACnetIP protocols.

In addition, the product installs easily with no downtime required.


For more information, visit the product landing page.