Powered from an 11VDC to 35VDC supply, the KDMON is designed to monitor a variety of conditions, including analog voltage -30V to +30V, analog current 4mA to 20mA (20V sensor supply is provided), presence/absence of data on an RS485 or RS232 bus, specific byte strings on an RS485 or RS232 bus, bit patterns in the registers in an RS485 Modbus Slave device, the closure of an external relay contact, and voltage-free relay contact output. The device can be configured to generate alarms based on the above, which are optionally qualified by the day of the week and the time of day. In addition, the product clips to a standard 35-mm DIN rail and is housed in a 1.2-in. (W) × 4.5-in. (H) × 3.8-in. case.


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