The surge-trap pluggable (STP) DIN-rail SPD line now includes UL 1449 3rd Edition recognized ratings up to 690VAC for 3-phase WYE configurations. Both UL- and IEC-certified to the latest industry standards, the SPD features the company’s TPMOV technology inside, which delivers fail-safe protection to the installation and does not require additional overcurrent protection upstream. Offered in two models, the STP6903PYGM is for 3-Phase WYE without N-G protection while the STP6903PYM is for 3-Phase WYE including N-G protection. Each unit is equipped with a visual and remote status indicator to signal product end-of-life. Electrical ratings include short-circuit current rating (200kA), maximum discharge current (50kA), and nominal discharge current (20kA).


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