The RSA-174F actuator is for the ABB/Sace Tmax T7 low-voltage molded case circuit breakers with current ratings of 1,000A through 1,600A. Equipped with over-toggle mechanisms, the actuator allows users to safely close and open breakers while stationed outside of the arc-flash hazard boundary without any modification to the breaker. The device is designed to mount directly to the Tmax T7 breaker, which may be recessed inside of an electrical cabinet in many installations. When accompanied by the company’s remote switch operator (RSO) control unit, the product reduces the need for arc-flash suits and eliminates all hazardous manual contact with gear during operation by providing open and close operation from up to 300 ft away. Optional features include a radio remote with a range of up to 300 ft, a wired or wireless video camera system with LCD monitor for remote viewing, and a custom-fit rugged storage case.

CBS ArcSafe

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