The next-generation Indy L-Series Generation 2 luminaires provide efficacies of up to 70 lm/W with parabolic reflectors and up to 85 lm/W with hyperbolic reflectors, which equates to 58% less energy consumption and five times greater service life compared to CFL fixtures. Features include eight light engine lumen packages; 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K, or 4,100K color temperatures; 4-in., 6-in., or 8-in. new construction and remodel model, and 6-in. and 8-in. retrofit models; options for downlight or wall wash; and a 50,000-hr life. In addition, the luminaires are offered with self-flange trims in six colors and three finishes and baffles.

Juno Lighting Group

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