Part of the P-touch Edge family, the PT-E100 handheld labeler features application keys that enable users to label cables by simply selecting the diameter of a cable or the precise width of a faceplate to create UL-recognized labels in just a few key strokes. The labeler includes the company’s HGe and TZe tapes, which come in an easy-to-load, drop-in cartridge that contains all the necessary components to print a thermal-transfer laminated label. In addition, new font sizing technology enables up to seven alpha-numeric, clearly formed and readable characters to be printed across 12-m- wide cable wrap label. Other features include a large LCD display, the ability to print labels up to two times faster than previous BMS models, and a multi-lingual user interface that allows menus and navigation messages to be configured in 20 different languages.

Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS)

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