This line of industrial generators includes four models: the R1100, RGX2900, RGX3600, and RGX4800. The R1100 is powered by the company’s 2.4-hp EH09-2 OHV engine, delivers a maximum output of 1,100W, and offers a 1.1-gal capacity fuel tank and 4.2 hr of continuous run time at the rated load. A one-touch control system allows all engine functions to be controlled with a turn of a dial, while automated voltage regulation (AVR) technology allows finer voltage control for steady output and less fluctuation. The company’s 6-hp EX17 engine powers the RGX2900, delivering a maximum output of 2,900W and providing a run time of 10.5 hr at the rated load. Driven by the 7-hp EX21 engine, the RGX3600 offers an output of 3,600W and an operation time of 8.4 hr. This model also includes a full power switch. The RGX4800 is powered by the 9-hp EX27 engine and provides a maximum output of 4,800W. Featuring a run time of 6 hr at the rated load, this model also incorporates an automatic idler control, a full power switch, and twistlock receptacles. It is is also offered in an electric start configuration.


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