The Poulsen Power Level 2 EV charging station converts a 120V circuit serving the garage into a 240V circuit, eliminating the need for a dedicated 220V/240V line. The single-throw circuit breaker in the building’s power panel is replaced with a double-throw breaker, supplying a 220V/240V line using existing wiring. A step-down transformer in the station uses the same wiring to power 120V outlets, garage door openers, and lighting. Certified for indoor and outdoor use, features include: a clock with built-in 24-hr timer to allow off-peak rates, LED display with Status Bar Graph of charging progress, a switch to select immediate or delayed charging, a timer with 100-hr back-up, and built-in electronic overload protection. In addition, the product conforms to ANSI/UL standard 2594 first edition and is certified to CSA C22.2 No. 280-13 first edition.

Poulsen Hybrid

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