STEGO enclosure products are designed to protect against condensation while providing enhanced air circulation. Available in 12VAC/DC to 30VAC/DC and 120VAC/DC to 140VAC/DC models, touch-safe, DIN rail-mountable convection heaters use natural convection to minimize surface temperatures on the accessible side surfaces of the housing. Fan heaters feature an operating voltage range of 10VAC to 120VAC and are available in screw-mount and DIN rail-mountable versions as well as panel-mount and foot-mount models. DIN rail-mountable enclosure thermostats include tamperproof styles available in normally-open and normally-closed models, feature fixed set points, and are available in single and dual versions, while adjustable thermostats include single units in normally-open and normally-closed models as well as dual units containing one normally-open and one normally-closed thermostat with separate color-coded adjustable temperature controls. Available 120VAC and 230 VAC models, DIN rail-mountable electronic hygrostats feature adjustable relative humidity setpoints (40% to 90% RH), high switching capacity, and a visual function display. With a temperature setting range of 32℉to 140℉and a humidity range of 50% to 90%, electronic hygrotherms are designed with a high switching capacity and optical function display.


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