This line of dry-type low-voltage (less than 600VAC) distribution transformers includes single-phase and 3 phase models. The 3-phase version features input/output voltages 480VAC Delta — 208V Y/120V, 240V/120V at 60Hz, or 1:1 ratios. Mounted inside a rectangular steel enclosure with an epoxy powder-coated finish, power ratings range from 5KVA to 37.5KVA for the single-phase model and from 15KVA to 112.5KVA for the 3-phase model. According to the company, the products exceed NEMA’s new PremiumEfficiency Transformer Programguidelines and offer a 50% reduction in enclosure dimensions as well as 40% less weight compared to other brands on the market.

Bridgeport Magnetics Group

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