This line of molded-case circuit breakers and control-circuit and load-protection devices meets global certifications, including CE, CSA, CE and CCC. All products are RoHS-compliant and feature a reduction in environmentally hazardous materials. Allen-Bradley Bulletin 140G molded-case circuit breakers are available in eight frame sizes with a current range of 15A to 3,000A and voltage range of 200V to 690V. All frame sizes are available in 3- and 4-pole versions. Allen-Bradley miniature circuit breakers for control circuit and load protection are IP20 finger-safe, include an array of accessories, and feature a dual-cage terminal design. The Allen Bradley Bulletin 1489-M and Bulletin 1492-SPM circuit breakers are rated for 0.5A to 63A. The Bulletin 1492-SPM miniature circuit breaker protects equipment, systems, and cables by quick disconnection while the Bulletin 1492-RCDA miniature circuit breaker detects and interrupts earth leakage for equipment protection.

Rockwell Automation

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