Facility Managers Turn to Smart Meters to Comply with LEED v4

With the introduction of LEED v4, facility managers face tougher metering requirements. In response, they are turning to advanced energy "smart meters" to easily access more granular energy data when measuring and verifying their building's energy consumption.

As a scalable, easily installed data acquisition solution to help identify saving opportunities over the course of the facility's operational lifetime, submeters easily justify their installed cost as essential elements of the increasingly rigorous - and on-going - M & V process at the heart of today's evolving green building rating systems.

This whitepaper presents an overview of LEED v4 and describes a cost-effective submetering solution that helps building operators improve energy efficiency.

Whitepaper topics include: 

  • LEED v4 Debuts Advanced Metering Requirements
  • Advanced Metering Capability of LEED v4's Tougher Technical Requirements
  • Energy Monitoring is Worth the Investment


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