Cables for use in Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 remote-control, signaling, and power-limited circuits shall have all but which of the following markings on the cables? Disregard any exception(s).

  1. The maximum rated voltage.
  2. The proper type letter or letters for the type of wire or cable as specified elsewhere in the Code.
  3. The manufacturer’s name, trademark, or other distinctive marking by which the organization responsible for the product can be readily identified.
  4. The AWG size or circular mil area.
  5. Cable assemblies, where the neutral conductor is smaller than the ungrounded conductors, shall be so marked.

Answer: A

As per 725.179(L), "Cables shall be marked in accordance with 310.11(A)(2), (A)(3), (A)(4), and (A)(5) and Table 725.179." The FPN adds valuable information as to why voltage markings are not installed on these cables. "FPN: Voltage markings on cables may be misinterpreted to suggest that the cables may be suitable for Class 1 electric light and power applications."

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