Q. For a 20A, 125V, single-phase receptacle that supplies power to a cord-and-plug connected metering pump, which is integral to a continuous industrial process that cannot tolerate an unexpected loss of power, installed outdoors in an industrial facility, the 20A receptacle __________. Note that qualified personnel maintain this industrial facility and an assured equipment grounding conductor program is in place.

  1. has no special requirements in this example.
  2. must have a weatherproof cover per 406.8(B)(1) only.
  3. must have a weatherproof cover per 406.8(B)(1) and have GFCI protection.
  4. must have a weatherproof cover per 406.8(B)(1), however, it does not have to have GFCI protection.

Answer: D

In general, all 15A and 20A, 125V, single-phase receptacles installed outdoors require GFCI protection. This is a change in the 2008 NEC [210.8(B)(4)(Exceptions 2 to 4)]. There is an exception to omit GFCI protection in an industrial facility where qualified personnel maintain the installation and an assured equipment-grounding program is in place to assure protection for personnel if those receptacles would create a greater hazard if the power were interrupted.

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