Q. When installing a concealable nonmetallic extension from an existing 15A non-grounding receptacle outlet in an existing dwelling unit, where there is no equipment grounding conductor, is it permissible to install grounding-type receptacles as part of the nonmetallic extension?

  1. Under no condition is a grounding-type receptacle permitted, as there is no equipment grounding conductor or grounding provision in the existing circuit.
  2. Yes, if an AFCI receptacle is installed to protect all receptacle outlets on the branch circuit.
  3. Yes, however, the only method permitted is the use of GFCI receptacles.
  4. Yes, if grounded in accordance with 250.130(C), 406.3(D)(3)(b), or 406.3(D)(3)(c).

Answer: D

Where a concealable nonmetallic extension originates from a non-grounding-type receptacle, the installation shall comply with 250.130(C), 406.3(D)(3)(b), or 406.3(D)(3)(c). There are three choices. Two of the three require GFCI protection; 406.3(D)(3)(b) and 406.3(D)(3)(c). See 382.10(A).

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