Q. When bonding a swimming pool perimeter surface, where structural reinforcing steel is encapsulated in a nonconductive compound, the following conditions apply:

  • the conductor shall follow the contour of the perimeter surface
  • only listed splices shall be permitted
  • the required conductor shall be 18 to 24 inches from the inside walls of the pool
  • the required conductor shall be secured within or under the perimeter surface (4 to 6 inches) below the subgrade, and
  • the minimum conductor size and type shall be _____________.
  1. minimum 8 AWG, tinned, stranded copper
  2. minimum 8 AWG, bare, solid copper
  3. minimum 8 AWG, covered, stranded copper
  4. minimum 6 AWG, solid copper

Answer: B

As per 680.26(B)(2) of the 2008 NEC, the minimum conductor size and type in this situation shall be 8 AWG, bare, solid copper.

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