ETAP Harmonic Analysis, a module of the new ETAP 5.5 power system enterprise solution, allows users to assess power quality by identifying harmonic problems and nuisance trips, designing and testing filters, and reporting distortion limit violations. Comprehensive load flow and frequency scan calculations are performed using detailed harmonic models and non-integer harmonic filters. Results are shown graphically, including harmonic order, harmonic spectrum plots and harmonic waveform plots, as well as detailed Crystal Reports. Under the latest 5.5 release, a new option has been added, allowing the use of long-line model for transmission lines and cables.
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PowerIQ power quality analysis software works in parallel with this company's on-board analyzer or controller, displaying system status and measurement results in a Windows operating environment. The program provides the user with remote-access to analyze or control various parameters. All network parameters, including harmonics, can be recorded continually or for pre-selected intervals. Recording time is limited only by the size of the computer's hard disk or other storage device (server, memory card, etc). Electrical events can be captured by associating trigger values to various network power parameters, such as low voltage or high current. The event recording will capture a user-selected before and after window of time. PowerIQ has intranet and Internet support capabilities.
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This software tool simulates resonance and harmonic distortion in industrial, commercial, and utility power systems. Users can define harmonic current and voltage sources at multiple locations in the power system. Capacitor banks, single-tune filters, and high-pass filters may also be included in the voltage and current distortion evaluation, impedance resonance scans, and in harmonic load flow results. With HI_WAVE, new power systems may be examined before they are built, addressing harmonic effects during the design phase. Similarly, existing power systems may be studied and corrective filter designs evaluated before they are installed. Every bus and branch in the power system may be quickly evaluated for harmonic content and for resonant impedance characteristics.
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ION Enterprise

ION Enterprise, a Web-enabled energy information management solution software program, offers facility and plant operations staff the ability to perform comprehensive power quality and reliability analysis, and helps reduce energy-related costs. By managing intelligent ION metering and control devices, the software enables users to gather and analyze data from multiple sources. Its flexibility and interoperability means you can add one piece at a time, while still maintaining your original investment. Connect to your existing systems through industry-standard protocols including OPC, Modbus, and XML, and choose newer components as they become available.
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Dran-View 6.0

Dran-View is a Windows-based software package that enables users to quickly visualize and analyze power monitoring data. With the help of this tool, users can scroll through data, zoom in on disturbances, trend data, filter events, evaluate statistics, and perform advanced harmonic and interharmonic analyses. Flexibility has been integrated throughout the package, making customization possible for both appearance and behavior. Two versions are available: one for the everyday user (Pro) and one for advanced power professionals (Enterprise). View events, timeplots and waveforms simultaneously and interactively using the software's three-pane window. Move your mouse over events to drill down for more detail or access to different channels. Any data source can be expoerted to IEEE PQDIF format, and COMTRADE files and tabulated text files with waveforms or trends can be imported into Dran-View Enterprise. Analysis support is also enhanced by: the harmonic demo tool; separate harmonics scaling for voltage, current, and power; and rescue kit to correct timestamps, flip probes, adjust incorrect connection types or change scaling factors without recollecting data.
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Designed for harmonic modeling and simulation, SuperHarm evaluates harmonics on electric power systems, enabling users to develop a computer model of a power system to explore variations on system loads and configurations along with the resulting impact on system frequency response and distortion levels. Available with a wide variety of device and source models, the software contains a generic harmonic voltage and current source model, long-line corrected pi model, simple RL branch model, capacitor model, and a balanced 3-phase coupled line model. Also included are models for the modal representation of geometrically specified lines and cables, advanced load representations, induction and synchronous machines, and 3-phase equivalents. SuperHarm can solve both balanced and unbalanced 3-phase systems by using phase domain nodal admittance matrix techniques rather than sequence component solution methods. The harmonic-producing load models allow you to enter either typical worst-case or actual measured data for the harmonic current injections. SuperHarm automatically scales this data to match the normal system conditions at the fundamental frequency. Data can easily be transferred to programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word.
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PowerVision Management Software

PowerVision power management software is ideal for system administrators and facility engineers who need local or enterprise-wide monitoring of multiple UPSs and/or other power components supporting mission-critical applications. PowerVision comes in two different packages, each one tailored for its own unique application. PowerVision Network Edition provides remote monitoring and computer operating system shutdown for multiple single-phase UPSs and small-to-mid-range 3-phase UPSs, from Powerware and others using industry-standard SNMP communications and integration with popular network management systems. PowerVision Facility Edition provides one-line detailed UPS information, monitors system status of other elements in the critical power distribution system such as generators, static switches, power distribution units (PDUs), and air conditioners through alarm contacts and supports in-depth reporting, analysis, and graphics.
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