Quick Shrink Wrap (QSW) heat-shrinkable wraparound repair sleeves feature self-adhesive tapes as well as the sealing and insulating capabilities of heat-shrinkable tubing. According to the company, the black, adhesive-backed polyolefin wraparound sleeves permit fast, permanent repairs of minor damage to cable insulation without requiring the connector to be removed from the cable prior to repair. Available in flat sheets with widths of 60 mm or 100 mm and lengths of 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, and 400 mm, the product installs with a small propane torch, high-output heat gun, or production oven. In addition, the adhesive bonds to most common insulation materials and to copper, steel, and other metals. With a continuous operating temperature of -45°C to 110°C, the sleeves have a minimum shrink temperature of 70°C, with full recovery at 130°C.

Tyco Electronics

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