Maxwell Management Suite

This scalable product is designed for mid- to enterprise-size contractors. Aside from choosing a job cost package, service package, or both, the customer can add modules and users to create a customized solution. The product's Business Center enables users to get an instant overall picture of any job. Verify job performance, compare estimated, committed, and actual job costs, and identify potential problems. An integrated document creation and tracking system allows users to initiate and manage RFIs, transmittals, and submittals. An integrated wireless field solution also allows easy access to real-time costs and coordination of on-time approvals.
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Sage Timberline Office

Sage Timberline Office provides full project management capabilities. With integrated functionality for estimating, accounting, purchasing, and inventory management, the software also enables integrated control of change order management and document tracking. This includes transmittals, submittals, e-mail, or any other job-related information. From the Project Management system, users can view the estimated budget, actual costs, committed costs, documents, or any job-related information instantly.
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Forefront Project Management

Forefront Project Management software provides a fully integrated process for construction professionals to manage workflow. Forefront places all information and documentation in the hands of the project manager. Single data entry, along with information sharing, streamlines project setup and maintenance. Elements such as requests for information (RFIs), submittals, change requests, and daily logs are visible to all authorized users. Reports are more accurate because they're based on a common database of shared information. Forefront's integration and detail tracking automates and expedites the change order process, managing both cost and revenue.
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Residential New Construction Module

The New Residential Construction module simplifies project management for residential contractors. The builder table stores information and lists subdivisions for each builder. The subdivision table stores the sales tax code and lists models available in each subdivision. Each model has the list of materials needed along with the upgrade options. To start a new home, users select the builder and pick the subdivision/model along with any options. The job is automatically set up and work orders are created for each billing phase. A material list is created that can automatically be turned into a picking ticket or purchase order.
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ConstructJob is a Web-based project management system that allows contractors to create, manage, track, and share project documentation. The software also offers three optional modules: C-Job — a project document management and collaboration system; C-Bid — a private online planroom where users can post up-to-date bid information, send bid invitations and updates, and upload critical bid information; and C-Town — an online construction community where subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers can enhance their visibility in the market and obtain information such as the project names and bid due dates of the projects currently available for bidding.
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Constructware ASP suite is a scalable, secure, Internet-based communication solution that facilitates communication and collaboration among general contractors, owners, architects, engineers, construction and project managers, and subcontractors. Constructware for the Subcontractor helps companies electronically create, store, and track RFIs, transmittals, change orders, purchase orders, pay applications, correspondence, and contact information from a single, centralized corporate database. The software is designed to automate the strategic internal business processes of trade and specialty contractors.
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Prolog Manager 7.5

Prolog Manager Version 7.5 delivers in-depth project management features across projects and programs in the areas of collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management, and field administration. The software incorporates several new enhancements, including the ability to update multiple records at one time, log all field-level changes, and track incoming and outgoing e-mail. The ability to create a dedicated project e-mail account allows important correspondence to become part of the permanent project record. The program also brings improvements in audit ability and traceability regarding changes to project information.
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Wintac Pro

An all-in-one business management tool, Wintac Pro combines the features of several programs, including project management, in one package. Users can track and store project-related information, such as project start date, duration, retainage percentage, and payment terms. They can also create and track change orders and prepare/track progress billing and generate AIA forms. The project management features of this software are integrated in a complete business management solution that handles everything from service management, customer relationship management, and maintenance management to estimating, marketing, and accounting.
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