DranTech digital meters and data loggers feature automatic blocking safety (ABS) connector jacks as well as IP-52 to IP-65 water-resistant protection to prevent users from damaging the meter or injuring themselves while making 600V CAT IV and 1,000V CAT III voltage and current measurements. Additional product features include 60,000 counts or more, auto-ranging current measurements from 10 nA to 10A, and extra-large display characters with analog bar graphs.
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Data logger

The Simple Logger II Model CL601 is a battery-powered, 1-channel recording device that includes an alkaline battery pack. Line tracking is performed such that 64 samples over one line cycle are taken, and harmonic measurements are calculated from these samples. In addition, frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2Hz around the nominal line frequency (50Hz or 60Hz). The unit can record from 1 min. to 8 weeks and features a programmable storage rate from 125 msec to 7 days. It features a safety rating of 300V CAT IV and 600V CAT III.
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Laser distance meters

The 416D and 411D laser distance meters measure distances up to 200 ft. According to the company, the 411D measures up to 100 ft (30 m) with accuracy of ± 0.12 in. (± 3 mm), while the 416D measures up to 200 ft (60 m) with accuracy of ± 0.06 in. (±1.5 mm). Both meters feature a bright laser for enhanced targeting and large liquid crystal displays. In addition, buttons are positioned for one-handed operation, and an automatic shutoff feature preserves battery life, providing up to 3,000 readings (411D) or 5,000 readings (416D) from a pair of AAA batteries.
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Fiber testing kit

The FiberMASTER fiber testing kit is a portable, all-in-one solution for measuring critical power and optical signal loss on standard wavelength windows, as well as on FTTx applications. The kit features a 5-wavelength power meter with a calibration function that stores reference power levels for quick dB loss measurements, thus eliminating the need to manually calculate loss. When joined with the included 850nm docking light source, the power meter measures fiber-optic power in mW and dBm, and measures fiber signal loss at 850-, 1,300-, 1,310-, 1,490-, and 1,550-nm wavelengths.
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