Data management software

PowerDB acceptance and maintenance test data management software is compatible with a range of the company's power test instruments as well as selected products from other suppliers. Offered in three versions — full PowerDB, PowerDB Lite, and PowerDB On Board — the software runs under Microsoft Windows and features facilities for automating tests, generating reports using more than 200 built-in industry-standard report forms, and producing customized reports. In addition, with all three versions, users can print an exact replica of the on-screen report once testing is complete.
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Analysis and reporting software

FlukeView Forms 3.4 analysis and reporting software is for digital multimeters (DMMs) and other test instruments. According to the company, the software allows users to download readings from meters to spot trends, document measurement data, and create customized graphic reports. Other features include increased Vista compatibility, capability to support the company's 289 DMM firmware upgrade for Names List and saving meter screen shots, and capability to support the 8846A firmware update and auto detection of the meters in native mode.
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Tool management software

Basic Tool Manager Microsoft Windows-based software uses bar code technology to reduce loss of tools and time spent locating tools. Three classes of items include: Category A items are higher valued, typically serialized; Class B are tracked by quantity; and Class C items are consumables that are not tracked after checkout. Another product feature is the ability to track maintenance schedules and condition of tools and equipment. The deployment option lets users track groups of tools deployed to different job locations as well as those checked out to an employee.
Dynamic Systems
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Troubleshooting simulator

This realistic simulation of an industrial process for mixing and processing liquids uses 480VAC 3-phase for its power portion. The simulator also features more than 30 built-in faults to solve electrical failures, allowing users to interact with the simulation like a real system. A tracking system monitors and evaluates the activities performed by a user and uses this data to provide feedback to users as they troubleshoot system faults, evaluate their process, and identify areas for improvement. Available editions include Personal, Workbench, and Industrial.
Simutech Multimedia
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