Steel A/C disconnects

This company's line of standard fusible and non-fused steel A/C disconnects has expanded to include GFCI receptacles, non-automatic switches, and plastic enclosures. Designed to ensure continuous power to A/C units while they are being repaired, the devices are 10,000A IC rated and have pad-lockable doors. The A/C disconnect with an integrated GFCI receptacle is housed in one box instead of two.
Siemens AG
Circle 300

Ergonomic switches

This line of single-pole and 3-way commercial and industrial pilot light and lighted handle switches now features an ergonomic external back wire clamp design. With this switch design, there is no need for internal back wiring holes. Instead, the installer inserts the wire under the external clamp, which is serrated for better gripping retention, and tightens the terminal screws to the proper torque value.
Circle 301

Toggle switches

These heavy-duty specification-grade toggle switches feature a high-impact/chemical-resistant rocker and coil compression spring for smoother action. The toggle switches are designed for controlling resistive, inductive, tungsten-filament, fluorescent, and motor loads for AC branch lighting and appliance circuits as permitted by the NEC. The switches also feature a nylon toggle, silver cadmium oxide contacts, a one-piece copper-alloy contact arm, and Brass Phillips/slotted/Robertson combination binding head terminal screws, which accept up to 10 AWG wire.
Bryant Electric
Circle 303

Service entrance transfer switch

The 300SE service entrance automatic transfer switch uses the same transfer switching mechanism and controller as the Series 300 product platform and includes a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device. The power transfer switch meets all NEC requirements for installation as service entrance equipment and is available from 150A to 3,000A and 600 VAC, 50Hz or 60Hz, single or 3-phase.
ASCO Power Technologies
Circle 302

A/C disconnect switches

This line of A/C disconnect switches features drop-down and swing-out covers, captive set screws, an integrated hanging bracket, and multiple knockouts for wiring to the switch. Available with built-in 20A GFCI receptacles in a range of fusible, non-fusible, switched, and pullout styles, these A/C disconnect switches have IP-20 grade finger-safe protection and a NEMA-approved lockout. The switches are available in 30A and 60A units rated for 3 hp and 10 hp at 240VAC.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 304