Local area power center

The LAPC 3.0 is a 3kVA uninterruptible power distribution solution designed for use in facilities measuring 2,500 sq ft or less. The product combines an on-line UPS with a wall-mounted interface panel and can be powered from a single dedicated 30A circuit. Up to four branch circuits, each with individual 15A breakers, distribute clean, low-noise uninterruptible power to individual peripherals. The design includes a high energy surge diverter, a power line noise filter, and a low-impedance isolation transformer. In addition, the power interface panel provides a manual make-before-break bypass switch to ensure redundancy when the UPS must be removed for maintenance.
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Part of the Powerware Series, the 5130 UPS line features 1,250VA to 3,000VA line-interactive models designed to protect routers, switches, and workstations, as well as VOIP and EDGE/3G/WiMAX wireless networking equipment. Available in 2U and 3U rack and tower configurations, the UPS includes user-replaceable hot-swappable batteries. For applications requiring longer run times, 2U external battery modules can be added to provide additional hours of backup time.
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Tower UPS

The HP Tower UPS models T750G2, T1000G3, and T1500G3 offer power ratings of 750VA, 1,000VA, and 1,400VA. Featuring a line-interactive design with buck and boost regulation, the units also includes an intuitive front panel display, enhanced battery management, prioritized shut-down of attached devices during an electric utility power failure, hot-swappable batteries, network transient protection, and serial and USB ports.
Hewlett Packard
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Backup generator

Unlike fuel-based generators, the PowerTower battery-powered backup generator can be installed or set up indoors. In addition, the system can be configured to automatically switch on when normal power is lost, or serve as a portable power source. According to the company, the unit can provide backup to multiple circuits at power levels equivalent to normal service.
Gaia Power Technologies
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