The MTX NEMA 3R MV Outdoor Medium Voltage ASD is the newest addition to the company’s line of medium-voltage adjustable-speed drives (ASDs). According to Toshiba, this product is the world’s first ASD, specifically designed for outdoor mounting in remote locations — or where a building does not exist. Offering the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, the product features two enclosure types married together. The transformer section is convection cooled. There are no moving parts, and heat is eliminated through passive vents at the top of the drive. The inverter section is forced-air-cooled and only uses non-CFC cooling components. The drive’s power modules are designed with out-the-back heat sinks, sending waste heat out of the drive and into the atmosphere. The interior of the inverter section is cooled using plate-type heat exchangers so it remains cool and clean without introducing outside air.

Toshiba International

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