Safety grip selection

The ez-Calc software CD allows users to choose the appropriate wire management device for their application requirements. The software guides users through the product selection process through pull-down menus. Users can search by grip family, grip style, or application, and ez-Calc returns a list of all matching products, including a product description and diagram. Once the product catalog numbers are returned by the system, users can access the specification sheet for the selected product through a pop-up window that links to the company's online ez-Find product guide.
Circle 300

Project management software

With a redesigned interface and new schedule-building tools, FastTrack Schedule 9 lets users organize, manage, share, merge, and present project plans. Compatible in a Windows or Mac environment, the software can exchange information with other project management platforms, including Microsoft Project. In addition, the company says the product is designed to work with experienced project managers as well as small- to medium-sized businesses.
AEC Software
Circle 302

Labeling software

E-Z-Code PC label software enables users to create and maintain custom labels on a PC and print them on a laser or dot-matrix printer. Features include three levels of alphanumeric serialization and the ability to import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as pictures, logos, and drawings. The software also includes preloaded templates that match E-Z-Code Printable Markers, which allow users to keystroke or import information for custom labels that can be saved for future use.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 303

Project management software enhancement

The company has launched a Query and Dashboards module for its Forefront Construction Suite that provides graphic displays (or “dashboards”) of a construction company's key performance indicators. The module provides real-time access to project, schedule, and cost information. The Schedule Variance Indicator dashboard permits users to view summaries of actual versus planned timelines for multiple projects. Dashboards designed for the operations group include job profit trend/fade, change requests, over/under billing, unapproved invoices, jobs near completion, RFI & change request aging, and project cash flow.
Dexter + Chaney
Circle 304