Sage Timberline Office, Version 9.4

With Sage Timberline Office's service management software, users can streamline dispatch, automate billing, fine-tune inventory, and improve communication with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and technicians. Incorporating dozens of enhancements and offering faster deployment functions, Version 9.4 puts users in control of field purchasing, service agreements and warranties, as well as preventive maintenance. Because the Sage Timberline Office service software suite is fully integrated with accounting, accounts payable vendor information, invoices, purchase orders, and various financial details get entered one time.
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CorrigoNet streamlines maintenance operations and service management by coordinating real-time information flow between all players in the service delivery process, including customers, service and dispatch agents, technicians and vendors, and management. Customers have visibility into the service request process, information is readily available to service agents and technicians, response times drop, and exceptions are flagged for follow-up. Work can be automatically routed to the appropriate vendor or subcontractor with the alert system. A related product, CorrigoConnect, allows Sprint Nextel customers to gain access to Corrigo's wireless work order management on their phones, PDAs, and mobile PCs.
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SAM Pro Enterprise

SAM Pro Enterprise, the company's flagship software suite, provides a comprehensive service management, mobile workforce, and back office accounting platform for service, construction, and facilities management firms. The software components function seamlessly, enabling customers to proactively manage daily operations, automatically schedule and execute critical reporting, and communicate securely via the Web. Using Data-Basics' Rules-Based Management technology, a company's core “rules” are established up-front. SAM Pro Enterprise's Escalation Manager automates much of the service workflow process, using pre-defined “escalation profiles” that enable the system to automatically e-mail, fax, or page the parts manager if, for example, a work order is waiting on specific parts.
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Service First! On-Demand

A Web-based dispatching and customer relationship management (CRM) solution program, SERVICE FIRST! On-Demand enables users to manage customers, sales opportunities, work orders, service agreements, and field technicians from any computer with Internet access. As a hosted application service, this tool allows users to reduce the high cost of buying and maintaining servers and computer hardware. SERVICE FIRST! On-Demand also includes a robust document management solution for running a paperless office and keeping digital photos, documents, spreadsheets, and drawings for online viewing. Screens are consistent and easy to learn, enabling customers to be productive with little or no training. Pricing starts at only $79/month/user.
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