PIR motion detectors

The ISC-PPR1-W16 and ISC-PDL1-W18G are high-security indoor passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors that feature sensor data fusion technology. According to the company, this technology enables data comparison from all the detector's sensors to reduce false alarms while improving catch performance by 35% more than traditional motion detectors. The ISC-PPR1-W16 incorporates two pyroelectric sensors, a room temperature sensor, and a light level sensor. The ISC-PDL1-W18G dual PIR detector uses an additional microwave Doppler radar sensor.
Bosch Security Systems
Circle 300

DVR surveillance system

The SmarterDVR line of digital video recorders ranges from a basic surveillance package to outdoor systems for covert and remote video applications. The SmarterDVR 200, a weatherproof pole-mounted version, resembles an electrical junction box. The SmarterDVR 300 is a small waterproof “keg” container that can be buried underground or submerged in water. Both models can support four analog or IP cameras and include a 100GB hard drive for video recording.
Smarter Security Systems
Circle 301

Remote monitoring system

The Sensaphone 400 standalone remote monitoring system replaces the company's Sensaphone 1104 model. Enhanced features include customizable voice messaging, programmable relay output, a phone line seizure feature, and a diagnostic test function. The system has no monthly fees, and it helps protect equipment and facilities by alerting you to changes in critical environmental conditions. It also monitors temperature, power supply, alarms, excess humidity, standing water, and intrusion.
Circle 302

Electric arc protection fabric

TECASAFE plus, a fabric that protects against electrical arc and flash fire, embeds its flame-resistant properties into the fiber blend itself instead of being added on as a chemical finish. According to the company, the fire protection will not wash out or wear out. The fabric conforms to the NFPA 70E standard at Hazard Risk Category level 2. It absorbs and dissipates moisture away from the skin, and is suited to industrial laundries.
Circle 304

Rescue and retrieval system

This lightweight and portable Rescue Davit System from DBI-SALA consists of two pieces: a base and a winch/davit arm. It also features securing straps and a carrying handle for simplified transportation and storage. The unit's 360° swiveling davit arm provides flexible entry and exit. Rubber bumpers on the davit arm and base help reduce pinch points. The 50-ft built-in rescue winch is activated by rotating the handle for lowering or raising, while a heat-resistant synthetic lifeline helps protect against electrical conductivity and sparking.
Capital Safety
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