Soft starters

The Telemecanique Altistart 01 soft start family is designed to provide starting and stopping control for motors in a compact footprint. The soft start comes in three different performance levels — ¼ hp to 75 hp at 110V to 575V — for single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors. It features full motor and machine protection, integrated diagnostics capabilities, status reporting, PowerSuite programming software, and network monitoring and control.
Schneider Electric
Circle 300

I/O terminals

The KL2532 and KL2542 I/O terminals are designed to be a cost-effective alternative to traditional drive systems for DC motors. A KL2532 bus terminal can supply two 24W DC motors with up to 1A. The larger bus terminal variant, KL2542, for two motors with ratings of up to 175W includes an output stage for up to 50V operating voltage and can supply a continuous current of 3.5A per motor. Both terminals are integrated into the company's TwintCAT automation software.
Beckhoff Automation
Circle 301

Brake motor

This high-cycle brake motor is designed with cast aluminum footless frames for increased thermal dissipation. The motor features a low-inertia design for continuous start/stop applications and a DC brake with integral rectifier for faster action than traditional spring-set brakes. Available from ½ hp through 2 hp in NEMA 56C through 145TC enclosures, it also features a die-cast aluminum frame to aid in heat dissipation.
Circle 302

VFD cables

This expanded line of variable-frequency drive (VFD) cables for industrial AC motor drive applications includes five large AWG symmetrical VFD cables and five new signal brake pair VFD cables. Designed for use on large, powerful AC motor drives, the large 1 to 4/0 AWG symmetrical VFD cables feature three symmetrical bare copper ground wires, three stranded XLPE TC circuit conductors, and two spiral copper tape shields. The 16 AWG to 8 AWG signal pair VFD brake cables are round and smooth to allow proper sealing of glands and molding applications, and feature three stranded XLPE TC circuit conductors plus a full size insulated green/yellow ground wire.
Belden CDT
Circle 304

Drive software

Version 6.1 of DriveWizard software features tools for converting parameter files from older drives and enhanced Ethernet support. Available at no charge, the software now includes an IP address table that allows a 32-character identification to be assigned to each IP address. One of its new conversion tools enables users to convert a DriveWizard parameter file from the GPD515/G5 drive into a parameter file for G7 drive. The other converts GPD505/P5 drive parameter files previously created in InverterWin 3.0 into E7 or P7 Drive Wizard parameter files.
Circle 303