Wire stripper/cutter

The Klein-Kurve line now includes a large gauge wire stripper/cutter — Cat. No. 11053 — for industrial MRO applications. The stripper/cutter strips No. 6 to No. 12 AWG stranded wire and eliminates the need for a skinning knife. Featuring a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish, it cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws and has a serrated pliers' nose to allow the user to pull, grip, and twist wire with minimal pressure.
Klein Tools
Circle 300

Data/video kit

The Data/Video Kit comes with 13 tools for twisted pair copper and coax cabling jobs and is packaged in the company's Large Mouth carrying bag. The kit is designed to terminate and troubleshoot most complex voice, data communications, and video cabling systems. It includes: a Data T-Cutter, seven-in-one screwdriver, UTP stripper, coax stripper, Punchmaster II punch-down tool, punch-down blades, Crimpmaster crimping tool for RJ-45 plugs, OmniSeal compression tool, probe pic and spudger, F/BNC connector tools, V/D/V multimedia cable tester, amplifier probe, and electrician's scissors.
Ideal Industries
Circle 301

Drop trimmer

The LDT is a drop trimmer for 59, 6, N48, Coax9, 5C and mini, standard, tri, and quad coax cable. The trimmer's one-step cable preparation exposes the center conductor by 5/16 in. and removes the proper length of jacket at ¼ in. for 59, 6, and N48 coax cable without any adjustment of the blade or cassette change-out. The built-in strip stop is designed to ensure precise repeatable preparation every time, and the trimmer's steel blades are built to perform more than 1,500 preparations under normal use before needing replacement.
Circle 302


The Unilite Zoom flashlight features a 360° rotating lamp head and the company's Zoom technology. This flashlight allows users to focus the light exactly where needed and its high-intensity LED projects a long-lasting, even, bright beam. The unit can switch between an intense narrow beam and a broad illuminating beam with a twist of its bezel and is UL certified for use in hazardous locations.
UK International
Circle 303