Molded-case circuit breakers

The ACW Series of molded-case circuit breakers disconnects power and provides circuit protection for low-voltage distribution systems against overloads and/or short circuits. UL489-certified, the circuit breakers are available in four different compact frames. Standard selection factors include: voltage and frequency rating, interrupting rating, continuous current rating, and accessories. In addition, the product is available in two levels of short circuit interrupting capacity — “P” for standard industrial and commercial applications and “W” for high-performance applications.
WEG Electric
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Combination starters

Square D NEMA circuit breaker combination starters now feature PowerPact eMCP circuit breakers, which the company says protect higher amp flow and offer greater in-field flexibility. The upgraded starters also include 30-mm LED pilot lights and pliable “foam-in-place” cabinet seals that protect from harmful outside elements. Additional product highlights include a flexible fit that accommodates standard 9070TF control power transformers, door-mounted pilot device, and a redesigned operating mechanism and disconnect switch that allows users to reset the overload without special tools.
Schneider Electric
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Trip unit

The microEntelliGuard trip unit is now offered in the company’s Spectra SG600 and SK1200 circuit breakers, and is backward compatible with existing Spectra MicroVersa Trip breakers. Product features include a flexible time-current curve shaping, instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI), waveform capture and event log, and reduced energy let-through (RELT) for arc flash protection. In addition, the trip unit features a human machine interface that provides a backlit LCD display with 5-button tactile keypad and LED status, current metering, and an optional ground fault trip or alarm with multiple slopes.
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Miniature circuit breakers

The Eaton WMZT Series of miniature single-pole, 2-pole and triple-pole circuit breakers is available in sizes from 0.5A to 40A. According to the company, the circuit breakers feature a current-limiting design that provides fast short circuit interruption within one-half cycle of the fault. Available with C and D curve thermal magnetic overcurrent protection characteristics, the C-curve devices are suitable for applications where medium levels of inrush current are expected while the D-curve devices provide protection from nuisance tripping where high levels of inrush current are expected. The products are suitable for reverse-feed applications.
Automation Direct
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