The Cable Comb consists of a blue inner hub and a yellow outer collar that enables users to straighten, organize, and lash single cables into a neat cable bundle. Its two-piece design locks the cables in place to prevent accidental disengagement during the combing process, and allows cables to be quickly removed from the tool and turned out of the run for termination or sub-bundling. Designed with 15 slots of various lengths that can accommodate one or more of most types of data cables, the tool can be used to straighten, organize, bundle, and lash other types of cables such as coax or control cables that are ΒΌ inch or smaller in diameter. In addition, the injection-molded Cable Comb is made with Zytel nylon resin, which the company says increases resistance to penetration of oils, greases, solvents, and alkalis.

Acom Tools

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