This family of high-performance cables is for applications in the wind power market.Xtra-Guard ADV(Xtra-Guard 4) cable is designed to withstand the temperature extremes of the wind turbine environment. According to the company, its construction offers three times the low-temperature flexibility of ordinary PVC and provides resistance to oils, solvents, chemicals, and fuels. Xtra-Guard Flex Torsion cable withstands continuous flexing, including multi-axis torsional movements. Xtra-Guard Flex Motor Supply cable offers flexibility in an abrasion- and oil-resistant design suitable for the tight spaces in wind turbines. Series Mflexible control cables are for use with stationary/cable tray and for light to moderate flexing applications. Cables are available in 18 to 8 AWG with up to 65 conductors. Series VVFD cable is designed for variable-frequency drives, while Instrumentation cables are available in a variety of configurations for monitoring and telemetry needs.

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