Online lighting estimator

The CalcMaster online interior lighting estimator is now available in Flash format for enhanced interactivity and a richer, more animated Web environment. According to the company, the new design makes it simple for users to perform estimates of interior lighting needs using the IES zonal cavity method. In addition, all calculations are instantaneous, with the required number of luminaires or calculated luminance levels displayed in red. The estimator operates in English or metric units, or can be mixed. It can be found in the Technical Resources section of the company's Web site.
Appleton/EGS Electrical Group
Circle 300

Field data software

Singletouch Mobile software is for use with the company's line of rugged handheld devices. According to the company, the software enables instant relay of accurate field data back to the office to expedite payroll, accounting, and project reporting. In addition, it's an effective forecasting tool that provides visibility into job completion and supports electrical contractors' accountability to customers.
Circle 301

Monitoring software

This virtual fire alarm control panel monitoring software from SIS allows users to supervise multiple fire alarm panels from one PC. Designed for fire alarm systems in school, health-care, retail, industrial, and other multi-building/campus-type applications, the software allows key personnel to be informed of alarms or other fire systems issues via e-mail or text messages to various PCs, cell phones, and other handheld communications devices.
Fire Lite Alarms
Circle 302

Management and control software

V6 Keeper Enterprise software is designed for management and control of the company's Greengate brand of relay panels and daylight-harvesting systems. According to the company, the latest version of this software provides more visibility and logging of lamp usage, actual footcandle light levels, energy usage, and graphical daylighting information. In addition, the product features a circuit runtime report generator that allows lighting loads to be tracked by circuit and displays the total runtime hours and percentage of maximum hours remaining for each circuit.
Cooper Controls
Circle 303