This soft starter product line ranges from 3 hp to 4,500 hp. Featuring a digital signal processor, the SSW05 includes an integral bypass contactor and is available in the 3-hp to 75-hp motor range. The SSW07, also with DSP control, has built-in bypass contactors, can be connected to field bus communication networks, and is available from 5 hp to 400 hp. Offering a motor power range of 3 hp to 1,200 hp, the SSW06 features a keypad with dual display and LED digits, field bus protocols, numerous analog and digital I/O, and internal bypass contacts. Offered in the 5-hp to 350-hp motor range, the GPH2 is a combination unit incorporating a SSW07 soft starter, a circuit breaker with through the door handle and a NEMA 4/12 enclosure. The TPH2 Series Crusher Duty model is housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure and is available in the 100 hp to 500 hp motor range. The SSW7000 features Flexible Torque Control, plug-and-play accessories, and a cell phone-like keypad with sequential or grouped access to control parameters via programmable keys on the display. This unit comes in a 750-hp to 4,500-hp range.

WEG Electric

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