Models 5231 and 5233 are rugged TRMS digital multimeters with a non-electrical contact testing (NCV) function for detecting live electrical circuits. Both models provide a volt, ohm, continuity, and diode function. Model 5233 also features a capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, and ammeter function. Both versions also include an AC voltmeter function with low input impedance that is capable of finding ghost voltages by adding a burden to the circuit. Model 5231 performs AC/DC direct reading current measurements up to 600A with a current clamp accessory plugged in, while the Model 5233 can measure up to 10A directly and can measure temperature in both °C or °F, using K-type thermocouples. The rotary function switch provides two OFF positions (OFF and OFF NCV). While in the OFF NCV position, the display will turn red if placed close to a live cable. In addition, the devices offer a resolution of 0.01 mV and can withstand overloads up to 8,000V.


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