This 24-fiber preterminated MTP cabling system for 100GbE was designed to meet IEEE 802.3ba requirements and 100GBASE-SR10 and 40GBASE-SR4 equipment. The system, featuring new cable, connector, and termination technologies, meets the tight optical cabling channel insertion loss (IL) requirements specified in the IEEE standard, from 2.6 dB for 10GbE to 1.9 dB for OM3 40/100GbE and 1.5 dB for OM4 40/100GbE. According to the company, it is the first system of its type to fully utilize 24-fiber MTP technology throughout the entire optical fiber cabling channel, including trunks, modules, adapters and array cords needed to transmit 20 channels of 100GBASE-SR10.

Leviton Network Solutions

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