The tiastar Motor Control Center features integrated 18-Pulse Adjustable Frequency AC drive technology to meet the needs of water/wastewater applications. The tiastar MCC provides an efficient means of packaging control and power distribution components into a seamless system solution. The 18-Pulse AC Drive boosts productivity with a solution that improves process management for treatment plants, pumping stations, and distribution systems. The 18-pulse option allows pumps and blower motors to operate with efficiency while keeping harmonic distortion at a minimum. The electrical system should be able to minimize any system electrical disruption. The 18-Pulse AC Drive option allows pumps and motors to operate with improved efficiency and minimize harmonic distortion that may affect utility supply or sensitive automation components within the overall control scheme. Built at Siemens West Chicago plant, the Siemens tiastar MCC is compliant with IEEE 519 requirements. The MCC provides an open design that allows for increased service life of process equipment.


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